Fibre Drum Protective Packaging – Through the course of time, one thing has always been there that has been attracting customer’s curiosity which is typically one of the areas that an operation needs to pique and have attention to. Trends allow as to set high-expectations and for us to know how our markets are reacting to our services. One use of this trend analysis is the use of corrugated materials in all known ways to manufacture a packaging solution product, and how it and its demand are evolving in the market.

Fibre drum protective packaging, one of the successful paper packaging innovations, is now gaining popularity after being tried by several major companies and actually seeing it through. These fibre drums are now considered to be the face of the modern paper packaging innovation product. But, if we were made to believe that traditional boxes were the best that man can manufacture, how does the Fiber Drum differ from the regular boxes that we have at home?

The product has a very wide sense of versatility in terms of usage and the kind of items it can store within a single fibre drum. Products that range from powder, granular, paste and from solid-to-liquid products can easily be stored in the fibre drum. Another factor to consider its use is its optimum ecological and holistic approach to its manufacturing process. It is mainly made from reused and strong, fibre-based virgin fiberboards that are made into a pulp where the recycled fibre is coated/mixed with the stronger fibres to enhance strength without using any harmful chemicals that can damage the workers as well as the environment. Finally, its protective maximum storage and stacking capacity – Fiber drums provide maximum storage capacity for any kind of item under any kind of weather situation. Although it is made out of paper, it is waterproof and it can withstand extreme changes in the climate.

These are only a few of the reasons why fibre drums are the “new black” in the protective packaging solutions industry, today with XPAC Packaging’s approach to this kind of technology – potentials are endless.