High-Quality Fibre Drum

High-quality fibre drum is not just an appointed name for “high-quality fibre drum” but it is a product of high-quality material, quality effort and time of research and development and high-precision machines to produce such product. Fibre drums are produced in specific diameters, with fully customizable dimensions and constructions to specifically match the demands and requirements of customers and end users. A wide range of capacities are available from 5 litres to 270 litres; most fibre drums can be produced to UN Packaging standards.


Comprehensive Application

From liquid to solid materials, for food, glue, paint and wire industry to a wide range of specialized hazardous products for pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industry, high-quality fibre drums fulfill a wide range of packaging requirements.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly

It begins with paper, a sustainable material which is conventional and yet, has outstanding properties: light and rigid at the same time. This leads to greater transport and packaging efficiency with high-quality fibre drum’s lighter weight and excellent stack strength.


Customized Solution

Fibre drums are manufactured in assorted customized specifications. A great range of options is available on heights, diameters, capacities, lid types and accessories to suit the varied requirements of the customers. They can also be customized with labels, logos, and printing as needed.


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