Fibre Drum Specifications

XPAC’s 55-gallon fibre drum container is only one of the many dimensions that we produce. High-quality fibre drum is ideal for a variety of products like dry, solid, semi-liquid and even liquid with a polyethylene insert. XPAC’s high-quality fibre drums offer unusually low tare weight and considerable high strength against impact.Its smooth fibre interior construction provides thermal insulation yet protects sensitive products while the full open top assures quick filling and dispensing.

Fibre Drum Container Configuration

  • Body utilizes high-performance recyclable paper material.
  • Undergoes strict compliance under international standards.
  • Electro-galvanised steel to ensure a lasting high-performance stress during transit.
  • Drum Height : 300mm (min) up to 1000mm (max)
  • Diameter : 300mm / 350mm / 400mm / 450mm / 500mm / 550mm / 570mm / 600mm / 660mm
  • Drum Handles
  • Top / Bottom Lamination
  • Body Plastic Lining
  • Body Coloured Printing


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