Fibre drum packaging solutions are one of the best-customized packaging solutions that provide innovative, ecological and comprehensive applications that is available on the market. As it continues to set high bars of standards for its overwhelming durability and versatility despite it being mostly made out of paper, its metal counterpart – the steel drums are also gaining popularity as well. Both can provide protection for your products but how does the other one differ from another?

Here are some general points of the fibre drums that most companies should consider:

  • The Kraft /fibre paper material is much more versatile than metal/steel
  • The fibre drum provides a wider range of usage
  • Adapts to the products easier and it can store small volumes of products better than the steel drums
  • It can be made bespoke and tailor fit to the requirement of the item that is to be packaged
  • Since fibre drum is mostly made out of fibre paper, it does not corrode

The steel drum, on the other hand, can still be used for storing and stacking items outdoors; although outdoor storage using steel drums can increase the risk of implosion. Moreover, a sudden change in climate can cause corrosion to the surface that can produce rust that may cause damage to the stored item, this is vital especially if we are storing chemicals which are sensitive to the rise and fall of temperature. It also has a heavier weight compared to the fibre drum packaging which makes it more difficult to stack.

Although steel drums can be more impact and perforation resistant, it is also less ecological and recyclable. Fibre drum packaging solutions are much easier to incinerate and recycle. These few points and factors are enough to conclude that fibre drums are better than steel drums. But always remember that in order for us to select the best option; we need to gather the necessary information before making an educated decision, all to ensure the best for our packages.