Fibre Drum Packaging E-commerce & Startups – These past few years, we seem to do everything on the internet. We connect with people that we haven’t seen or talked to for years, making the world seem like a smaller place. We have made a lot of awareness campaigns in every aspect of each society that is present for us to know the changes that are happening in today’s world. And lastly, we have made the internet a very powerful tool for doing online business transactions, making the world seem like a very big shopping centre. The rise of e-commerce industry may be considered as one of the biggest users of protective packaging solution technology anywhere in the world right now because essentially, part of their operations is to deliver the items to each customer’s door and ensuring the items’ maximum protection while being on transit.
But while the majority is using the traditional boxes for their packaging, some are quite less aware of another option – the fibre drum. For fibre drum packaging e-commerce startups, we need to make sure that we are not wasting any freight cost, but since the Fiber Drum is lightweight, it can reduce approximately 10kg less than that of regular boxed items. With this being said, it also makes it easier to transport and carry the packages by workers.
Another reason to consider is its maximum stacking capacity. Provided that the most common shape of the fibre drum is cylindrical, its round bottom makes it particularly easy to adapt to storage. Compared to a conical drum for example, or any storage that has a narrower base than the body, it has an outstanding behaviour in stacking one drum on top of another. Lastly, it’s waterproof capabilities. If there is something that the fibre drum can boast about, that would be its capacity to withstand extreme weather as well as it being a waterproof packaging solution.
XPAC fibre drum manufacturer provides one of the best fibre drum packagings in the Asia-Pacific and is bound to provide the best protective packaging solutions for your e-commercial needs.