Fibre Drum Benefits – For the past decades, the fibre drum packaging benefits reputable amount of recognition from manufacturers, end-product users and even from the recyclers for its number of unexpected uses. Thanks to modern innovative ideas, the status of the Fibre Drum has been set on a pedestal and is being continuously being developed by manufacturers and researchers to reach its full capability.

Numerous companies have tried and tested their use for the fibre drum packaging, although most of them share the common first impression on its main component. The Fibreboard is primarily composed of fibres of cellulose pulp derived from managed timber resources that are carefully chosen for its strength and performance and strength. The side walls of the Fibre Drum are made out of specialized paper, having ends with similar or materials such as metals, plastics or plywood and other composite materials that are optimized for industrial applications by laminating several layers of the materials by convolute winding.

Fibre Drums offers a strong, cost-effective means for packaging solid, granular, semi-liquid and liquid products. Majority of the companies that use this technology confirms its quality even being used to store chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even food and packaging of even rougher types of parcel like wires, cable and metal foils, adhesives, dyestuffs, and colourants to name a few. Its strength can protect its storage in transportation even under compression whilst in storage.

The use of fibre drums helps reduce plastic and unnecessary waste because it is made out of biodegradable products, and it can be recycled even after being used. A common misconception is that this material should not be advised when we are to store it outdoors. The Fibre Drum can withstand rain and extreme moisture, thus giving it another advantage.

XPAC’s fibre drum packaging solutions are one of the leaders of transport and packaging efficiency for all the reasons. With an accreditation from the UN Transport standards, XPAC Packaging’s fibre drum packaging benefits sustainability meets efficiency not only for manufacturers but most especially for our consumers.