Fibre drum packaging application as we know it is one of the most sought-of innovation nowadays because of its multiple benefits and with the fact that it does deliver quality results when it comes to protecting and containing items, both static and in transit. Its versatility leads to greater transport and packaging efficiency with its lighter weight and remarkable stack strength. Although Fiber Drum Packaging is versatile, we should know what kind of Fiber Drum to use in containing a specific material. It allows us to prevent unnecessary costs that can potentially lead to waste.



Polyfoil Fibre Drum Packaging Application – are the standard open head fibre drums that use Lever Lock System in securing the items and holding the lid in place. This is very suitable for storing sensitive electronics and other things that need to be dry and free of moist.


Polyethylene Lining Fibre Drum Packaging Application –  are used to transport non-hazardous liquid and semi-liquid products. Appropriate for storing chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This removes the need for additional liner bags when storing the items.


Weather Optimized Fiber Drum Packaging – are fibre drums that are designed to withstand weather conditions that a regular fibre drum cannot. The layers of the fibre drum are coated with additional lamination, making it suitable for external storage or wherever there is the extreme and unpredictable weather.



All-Fiber Drums are your standard fiber drum packaging that is made out only of fibre boards. It is commonly used to store dry particles that require minimum requirement to preserve. There are no metals or plastic materials that are used in this kind of fibre drum packaging. It is necessary to know what specific kind of fibre drum packaging solution to use for a multitude of reasons. In this way, we can avoid unnecessary wastage of funds that can be used in other operational costs. XPAC Packaging is one of the leading fibre drum packaging manufacturers in the country. Innovative and ecological, versatile and sustainable.