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About Us

Fibre drum manufacturer – XPAC is a young and fast expanding Malaysia-based company. Established in 2009, we have grown rapidly into a technologically advanced manufacturer, delivering innovative and superior drum solutions across the globe. In XPAC, we embrace sustainability by using paper, a traditional yet tested to be an efficient material to produce our drums. Dedications in our research with paper enable us to deliver high-quality standard and customized drum solutions that far surpass its traditional scale. Excellent quality and reliability are our strength as we not only seek to transform your conventional packaging experience but also enable you to discover and create the maximum profit and value for you and your business.


Over the years, XPAC, a  fibre drum manufacturer has been delivering superior solutions for many logistic requirements throughout diverse industries. Here, we not only provide you with a high security and efficient drum when it comes to your product packaging, transport or shipping but also both sustainability and economic benefits with our eco-friendly raw materials. Through the extensive control system handled by our operational excellence and machinery expertise throughout the entire manufacturing process along with our approachable customer service, XPAC Packaging is dedicated to deliver a consistent high-quality packaging solution for your industrial needs that would exceed your expectations for value and performance.


Prompt Quotation Processing

A centralized and efficient system is very capable of providing an accurate and quick response to your inquiries.

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Our team is committed to deliver the most efficient and effective possible solution for your business.

Advance Technology Manufacturing

XPAC Packaging is determined in improve all the solutions to be more reliable, more robust and more cost-effective and be able to stay competitive.


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